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By Bruce E. Murdoch

The long-held trust that bought aphasia in teenagers is basically of the non-fluent kind has been challenged in recent times. This ebook discusses language difficulties bobbing up from cerebro-vascular injuries taking place in adolescence, and from different

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Since the collection of the data, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) also has shown this subject to have bilateral brain damage, including a small white matter lesion in the right frontal lobe which had not been detected previously by a computed tomographic (CT) scan. VIQ=79, PIQ=118). Other subjects with clinical reading and spelling problems also presented with language and verbal memory problems. e. the more reading was established) at the time of the lesion the more specific was the resultant reading disorder.

All 11 subjects examined by Van Hout et al. (1985) between 4 and 10 years of age showed verbal or phonemic paraphasias. In addition, perseverations and stereotypes were also frequently produced. 23 Acquired Neurological Speech/Language Disorders in Childhood The types of paraphasic errors seen in children with acquired aphasia have been documented by several authors. For instance Cooper and Flowers (1987) noted the types of errors made on the Boston Naming Test by their subjects. Eight of 15 of their subjects scored more than two standard deviations below the mean on the test.

Another five subjects (all between 13 and 15 years of age) had jargon distortions in their written work. Six months later, half the 22 subjects assessed by Alajouanine and Lhermitte (1965) had shown improvement in their alexia while the other half still showed severe disorders in, or total lack of, reading. The recovery process seen in the subjects less than 10 years of age showed the reacquisition of written language skills that followed the normal developmental progression. Of the 22 subjects, five children who had initially had severe problems now had writing skills within normal limits while 14 still showed dysorthographia, but only seven of these cases were severe.

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