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By Ellen M. Chiocca MSN CPNP APN RNC-NIC

Complex Pediatric evaluate offers an in depth and finished method of acquiring the historical past and actual exam of youngsters, start via youth. The textbook techniques the future health evaluation of the pediatric patron by utilizing a physique platforms framework within the context of developmental and cultural points of kid evaluation. as well as actual overview, emphasis is put on put on the child’s psychosocial overall healthiness, with chapters on communique, kin review, psychological well-being overview and overview of abuse and forget. healthiness upkeep and well being can also be emphasised, with separate chapters on pediatric health and wellbeing supervision, meals and defense.

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Preconventional: Goal is individual survival with transition to conventional stage with change from selfishness to responsibility to others. (continued) 2 2 • S e c t i o n 1 GR O W T H AN D DEV ELO PM ENT TABLE 2-1 Developmental Theorists (Continued) AGE AND DEVELOPMENTAL STAGE ERIKSON (PSYCHOSOCIAL DEVELOPMENT) PIAGET (COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT) FREUD (PSYCHOSEXUAL DEVELOPMENT) KOHLBERG (MORAL DEVELOPMENT) GILLIGAN (MORAL DEVELOPMENT) School-aged Child (6–12 years) Industry vs. Inferiority: Child wants to produce and achieve; feels inferior when creativity is squelched.

Pp. 1137–1187). Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. Swamy, M. N. , & Mallikarjun, D. (2004). Applied aspects of anatomy and physiology of relevance to pediatric anesthesia. Indian Journal of Anesthesia, 48(5), 333–339. , Brady, M. , & Barber Starr, N. (2009). Dermatologic diseases. , Dunn, A. , Brady, M. , Starr, N. , & Blosser, C. Pediatric primary care: A handbook for nurse practitioners. ). (pp. 942–1000). St. Louis: W. B. Saunders. CHAPTER 2 Assessment of Child Development and Behavior ELLEN M.

Questions about medications prescribed for seizures, ADHD, or depression, for example, help to complete the developmental history. The indication, dose, and time of last dose of any medication is noted; some medications with neurologic or sedating side effects can alter developmental assessment findings. The provider also determines if the child ever received aminoglycosides in the neonatal period, which can result in hearing loss and interferes with language acquisition. Family History Many developmental disorders are genetic and may cause developmental delay or mental retardation.

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