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By Lester L. Grabbe

The ecu Seminar in old method is devoted to debating concerns surrounding the background of old Israel and Judah with the purpose of constructing methodological ideas for writing a heritage of the interval. during this specific consultation the subject selected was once the Omride dynasty - its upward push and fall - and the next Jehu dynasty, right down to the autumn of Samaria to the Assyrians. members speak about such subject matters because the relationship of prophetic texts, the home of Ahab in Chronicles, the Tel Dan inscription, the Mesha inscription, the Jezebel culture, the archaeology of Iron IIB, the connection among the biblical textual content and modern resources, and the character of the Omride kingdom. the quantity by the way provides a pretty complete remedy of the most assets, concerns, debates, and secondary literature in this interval of Israel's heritage. An introductory bankruptcy summarizes the person papers and likewise the proper component of Mario Liverani's contemporary heritage of the interval. A concluding 'Reflections at the Debate' summarizes the problems raised within the papers and offers a point of view at the dialogue.

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First, one reconstructs ancient Israelite society with the help of the biblical texts. This 'reconstructed' society is then used to throw light upon the biblical texts. 5. Social Science Methods The use of social scientific models on ancient societies has been criticized by Carroll (Carroll 1989). Carroll pointed out that ancient Israel is long gone, and no longer available to us. Many social scientists would in fact agree with Carroll's critique of the use of 'historical' sociology or 'historical' anthropology.

As we see, there are many problems in our text. However, one important starting point is 'The house of Hazael'. This king, who ruled Damascus from 842 to 805 BCE, is relatively well known (see below). I should say, straightaway, that the use of exact years throughout this paper is based on convention, and does not imply that I believe that we can always state dates with such accuracy. The Babylonian custom of counting the first, incomplete regnal year as 'accession year' complicates our attempts at dating.

Or is their territory greater than your territory ... ' This text is almost unanimously taken to be a later addition to Amos. This view goes back a long time and can also be found in the older commentaries. Basically, this opinion has to do with the belief that the cities referred to (Calneh, Hamath, Gath) were conquered only by Tiglath-pileser III towards the end of the eighth century BCE. 2 as a later addition to the text. Quite the contrary! 2 fit not only the information that we have in Amos 1-2, but they also match the historical situation that I have outlined above.

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