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By Keith Bodner

"An Ark at the Nile: the start of the booklet of Exodus is a close-reading of Exodus 1-2 that analyzes the tale as a fairly self-contained unit, yet suggesting that significant plot routine within the publication of Exodus are foreshadowed and expected right here. utilizing a few insights from literary thought, Keith Bodner bargains a demonstration of additional integration of religious study with cross-disciplinary narrative Read more...


This paintings bargains a literary interpreting of the 1st chapters of the booklet of Exodus, demonstrating how they expect the plot and issues of the remainder of the booklet in addition to repeating motifs from Read more...

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See also Fretheim, “The Book of Genesis: Introduction, Commentary, and Reflections,” pp. 321–674 in The New Interpreter’s Bible, Vol. 6, edited by L. E. Keck (Nashville: Abingdon, 1994) 428: “God’s action constitutes the turning point in the story, in spite of Abram’s duplicity. A comparison with the plague stories (Exod 11:1) brings out a notable contrast. While plagues are visited upon the Egyptians in both cases, the reasons differ. In Exodus, the conduct of the Egyptians elicits them. ” 11 F.

Moreover, the opening sequence (Exod 1:6–7) records the Israelites’ proliferation, and thus refers back to Gen 12:2 where Abraham is told he will become the progenitor of a great nation. ” In the case of the initial scenes of 1 J. Hillis Miller, Reading Narrative (Oklahoma Project for Discourse and Theory 18; Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1998) 57. Miller further states, “The beginning must be both inside the story as part of its narrative and at the same time outside it, prior to it as its generative base, the father of the line of filiation, or the mothering spider from whose belly the thread is spun.

40 In the final chapter of Genesis there are two speeches of Joseph that require our attention, the first concerning a wider theme, and the second regarding a more specific prediction. First, after the funeral of Jacob, the brothers are scared that with their father gone Joseph will seize the opportunity and seek retribution for their crimes against him in an outburst of schadenfreude. ” Throughout the vicissitudes of Genesis this theme has been operative: despite myriad hardships and often self-inflicted disasters of human actors in the story, God consistently transforms Fretheim, “The Book of Genesis,” 652.

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