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By K. Lawson Younger Jr.

Works on previous testomony historiography, the 'Conquest', and the origins of old Israel have burgeoned in fresh days. yet whereas others were issuing new reconstructions this novel paintings provides an in depth examining of the biblical textual content. the point of interest is at the literary innovations that historical writers hired in narrating tales of conquest, and the purpose is to pinpoint their communicative intentions of their personal contexts. This examining is better by means of engagement with the $64000 self-discipline of the philosophy of heritage. old Conquest money owed, replete with large quotations from Assyrian, Hittite and Egyptian conquest debts, is a realized and methodologically delicate learn of a variety of old close to jap texts in addition to of Joshua 9-12.

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Another point must be made concerning 'real' as opposed to 'imaginary' events. While the use of direct speech is not acceptable in today's modern canon of history writing unless it is a quote, in ancient history writing direct speech was quite common. Whybray sees the abundance of direct speech in the Succession Narrative as a problem. He accepts that ancient historians artistically reconstructed public speeches. For him the question is: whether in the reports of secret conversations and scenes the author can be said in any sense at all to have recorded historical events ...

This objection should be spurned. There is no question that there are differences between the Hebrew histories and their ancient Near Eastern counterparts, just as there are differences between each ancient Near Eastern culture's history writing. Moreover, it is only through comparison that these differences can be discerned. 128 One area of the ancient world which will not be included in this contextual investigation is Greece. One might wonder— especially in light of Van Seters's recent work—why this area will not be included for he contends: it would appear to be self-evident and entirely natural for biblical scholars who treat the subject of the origins of history writing in ancient Israel to give some attention to the corresponding rise of history writing in Greece and to the work of Herodotus in particular (p.

But in practice they do not. In fact, histories are more like fiction in that they have their own beginnings, middles and ends. Historical narratives can and do displace each other. 2. If past actuality is a single and determinate realm then the truth value of the historical narrative should simply be a logical function of the truth or falsity of its individual assertions taken separately: the conjunction is true if and only if each of the individual propositions is true. But while this may be true of chronicle it is not true of history.

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