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By Katherine Munn, Barry Smith

Ontology is the philosophical self-discipline that goals to appreciate how issues on the earth are divided into different types and the way those different types are comparable. this is often precisely what info scientists target for in developing dependent, computerized representations, known as ontologies, for coping with details in fields such as technology, executive, undefined, and healthcare. at the moment, those structures are designed in numerous alternative ways, so they can not percentage information with each other. This quantity exhibits, in a non-technical manner and utilizing examples from medication and biology, how the rigorous program of theories and insights from philosophical ontology can increase the ontologies upon which info administration relies.

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The physicist is not interested in particular samples but, rather, in material things insofar as they are material. According to Goclenius, ontology is not interested in matter at all; since concrete things are composed of matter, ontology is not concerned with concrete things at all, not even in a general way. Second, Goclenius equates ontology with the philosophical doctrine of the transcendental attributes. These attributes include being, oneness (or unity), goodness, and truth. , 1998). These attributes are called ‘transcendental’ because they apply to every existing thing, regardless of any categorial boundary.

Are irrelevant. In this sense, geometry abstracts from the matter that is shaped and focuses on the shapes themselves. Whether a triangle is made of iron or wood makes no geometrical difference. If formal ontology is abstract in the same sense, it should also abstract from 42 certain properties of things and focus on their more general features. Later, we will explore what these more general features might be. What is important here is that ontological abstraction goes farther than mere physical abstraction.

Biology only studies living beings and only insofar as they are alive, not insofar as they are sheer physical objects. Differential psychology studies human beings insofar as they differ from other human beings in ways that are psychologically measurable. Further, two different special sciences may very well have overlapping domains, that is, domains that include the same members. For example, the claims of physics and chemistry apply to the very same things, except that the former investigates their physical properties, while the latter their chemical properties.

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