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By Frances Tustin

This is often Frances Tustin's first ebook and the unique assertion of her perspectives on autistic states of brain and the genesis of types of formative years psychosis. In it, she tackles difficulties of prognosis as those relate to healing intervention.

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Button broken! Don't let it bite! ' With hindsight, I realized that these nightmare screams expressed infantile anxieties which had been active in relation to the father, the 'red daddy bus' and the button on the cushion-all of which seemed to have been equated. But, as long as the anxieties were scattered in this way, I could not sufficiently understand them to help him to come to grips with them. A session which occurred fifteen months after treatment had begun will now be reported in detail.

But coincidences are not always exact, nor are they always forthcoming, and Bion (1961,1963) has increased our understandingof this early situation by delineating the r61e of the mother as a 'container' for her infant's anxieties. In earliest infancy, the infant's lack of discrimination and the mother's adaptation arising from empathic identification with him in the form of 'reverie' (Bion I 96 I, p. 309) serve to AUTISM AND CHILDHOOD PSYCHOSIS minimize the explosion-producing gap between primitive illusions and actuality.

A session which occurred fifteen months after treatment had begun will now be reported in detail. In this session, anxieties which had been adumbrated in previous sessions were brought together and more clearly represented by means of words and toys. People were now being distinguished as people, and words were not so mixed up with material objects. Thus the autism was much diminished. F r i d ~January , 25th, 1953 (Session 153) (Before giving this session, I should say in December John had seen a baby feeding at the breast and had shown great interest.

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