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By Jeffrey M. Poole

Dragons, griffins, and BNPs (Bugs of Nightmarish Proportions). by no means of their wildest desires may perhaps they've got imagined what was once in shop for them.
After studying he had inherited an important mansion and a major tract of land from a reclusive set of family members, Steve and Sarah Miller choose to take a number of days off to enquire their new-found fortune within the quiet hotel city of Coeur d’Alene in northern Idaho.
whereas taking stock of the tremendous manor, they find a special set of doorways at the best ground. Mistaking them to be an ornate ornament, the doorways are by chance activated, proposing the 2 new owners with a tantalizing choice: step via or forget about? What damage might be able to befall them by way of easily strolling via an open door? interest getting the higher of them, they step via, and either husband and spouse are despatched on a one-way trip to a land of unimagined wonder!
figuring out they have been now stranded on a global populated with creatures that are meant to exist merely in one’s mind's eye, they enlist the help of the neighborhood king and queen. Their problems proceed to increase, in spite of the fact that, because it is printed their arrival have been lengthy foretold by means of an old neighborhood prophecy, bestowing upon them the prestige of Royal Bodyguards to the younger crown prince.
caught on a overseas global the place legendary creatures abound, attempting to steer clear of being attacked through griffins, and hoping to provoke a dwelling, respiring dragon, the newly appointed babysitters needs to give you the option to come back domestic quickly prior to damage may befall the younger prince.
a few days it didn't pay to get off the bed.

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