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Verb inflection: Since the embedded verb is an infinitive, the verb inflections are limited to passive, progressive and the past tense. Active forms of the verb may occur with any type of modal, but passive forms are limited. Ability resides in the agentive subject, but the possibility of being acted upon resides in the object. Modals of permission and obligation remain deontic modals even in the passive. 12 Chapter Two Progressive forms require epistemic modals while non-progressive forms occur with any type of modal.

The relative clause, “who speaks French” does not necessarily include essential information for the main concept of this sentence. The relative clause “who speaks French” provides extra information about the subject “The boy,” therefore, this clause is deleted in the sentence simplification process. The resulting phrase is the main clause, x THE BOY IS MY BROTHER Extraction of Main Concepts 39 Case 1b: If a sentence contains a restrictive relative clause that modifies a noun phrase, then that clause is deleted.

Moreover, in the BNC there are numerous complex sentences that would be difficult for a learner to understand when simply trying to understand the meaning of a modal. It is neither necessary nor desirable for the learner to decipher the meaning of long complex sentences, thus it was decided that in this research project, the main idea in a sentence is identified and presented for the learner to process the modal auxiliary. x The British Aerobatic Team was somewhat saddened to read Mr. Thomas’s letter in the September Pilot, and the suggestion that the participation of the British Team in the World Aerobatic Championships was a self-indulgent jaunt could not be further from the truth.

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