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By Liza Tsaliki

This e-book discusses already validated bills concerning the sexualization of youngsters via a theoretical and an empirical framework which compile pop culture, intake, sexuality, selfhood and early life. Adopting the view that the controversy in regards to the sexualization of early life is socially developed, it pushes past the dominant preconceptions approximately ‘the dangers of childhood’.
Moral decisions approximately children’s welfare are maybe nowhere extra temporary and debatable than by way of children’s sexuality, anything that has deep ancient roots. even if, and opposite to recurrent fears and ethical panics in regards to the lack of youth because of a tidal wave of a sexualizing tradition, this booklet theorizes the inspiration of children’s sexualization in the social building of myths of formative years innocence whereas additionally taking into consideration the level of younger people’s genuine engagement with media and expertise in modern Western societies. it's inside any such contextual framework that this booklet unfolds, bringing jointly a old contextualization of adolescence, sexuality and pornography with modern empirical debts in regards to the ‘presentation of the self’ and self-management.

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Alongside masturbation phobia, was the social purity movement, which advocated the end of sexual ignorance for children in order to counter and redeem the damage caused by solitary masturbatory activities. Social purity reformers believed innocence to be inherent in children, yet also a virtue that needed to be taught (egan and hawkes 2010, 37). Should parental instruction be curbed, corruption and vice was the result, and nowhere was this threat more prominent than within the new urban culture.

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