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By Francis E. Low

The writer makes use of a special strategy which emphasizes the sector theoretic points of gravitation and the robust analogies among gravitation and the opposite parts which are studied in physics. The theory-centered textual content starts with the easiest experimental evidence then proceeds to the corresponding differential equations, theoretical constructs corresponding to strength, momentum and tension and several other functions. End-of-chapter difficulties offer scholars with a chance to check their knowing, function an advent to and a evaluation of fabric now not integrated within the booklet and will be used to boost examples, extensions and generalizations of the cloth provided

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11) Here, fi is Planck's constant divided by 27r and m is the electron mass. 10), the effect of the applied field on the matter will be small, and we can confine ourselves to the linear approximation in an expansion in powers of the field. 4, or in highly excited atoms. Since the atoms in our model are far apart, the interaction between them will be largely governed by the multipole moments produced by the applied field. Since the atoms are neutral, the largest effect will come from the induced electric dipole moment.

Show that thc lines of force are lines of constant [ I . 20. , three-dimensional cylinders), one looks For a function LV = J ' ( z ) such that the Chapter 1 Problems 41 cylinders are lines of constant u . The potential problem is thus automatically solved. Show then that the charge density on the conductor is 1 / 4 n d d d l , where dl is the length variable along the conductor. To illustrate this technique, consider the function defined to be the positive square root for x > 0 when y approaches zero from above and analytic in the cut plane (cut from y = 0, x = 0 to y = 0, x = =).

Find the electric field outside the sphere and the induced electric dipole moment of the sphere. Compare the result for large E to that for a conducting sphere. 28. 21, The answer for the potential outside the sphere ( r > a ) is +=- +a+ Ir - bl where a+ with = -q--a ( E - 1) I b e+1 44 Electrostatics + where y = 1 E and y = a'//hr. Show that this answer is correct and give a similar answer for the potential inside the sphere ( r < a ) . 29. Prove that the mean value of the electrostatic potential in vacuum averaged over the surface of a sphere is equal to the potential at thc center of the sphere, provided there is no charge inside the sphere.

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