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These "blanket terms" are usually easy to spot: they enter a great number of syntagmatic combinations, are widely distributed throughout the OT, and are applicable to lexemes that belong to many fields. It is important to list and to analyze them as a group because they delineate each other and supply the framework for other terms that are their subordinates • within the field hierarchy. Biblical QTK (and its direct verbal . T . derivatives), "p^, *\na - and perhaps SMS and i7lT> - belong to TT T T f 34 INTRODUCTION this primary group.

They are only of relative importance, for their presence or absence is dictated by the context. The linguistic context is easier to define formally by means of describing syntagmatic relations and grammatical formations, thus taking care of the sense relations within the linguistic system. The situational context is more difficult to define because of its non-linguistic nature, and 24 INTRODUCTION because the written text is far removed from the world of references and from the actual language event itself.

CPif3) these words preserve a colour reference derived from a term which might have once been a colour term in Hebrew or in a cognate language, but which does not function as such in biblical Hebrew. c. Terms for metals and precious stones (D^TN, flp'ia, finoa). Strictly speaking this is a sub-group of b; however, these lexemes are often borrowed from a source language into another as a result of the introduction of the object they name into a new society. Therefore, I felt that they require a separate category.

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