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By Kurt Bauer, Dorothea Garbe, Horst Surburg

Get a superb begin in taste and body spray chemistry!
This publication provides a survey of these normal and artificial perfume and style fabrics that are commercially to be had, produced and used on a comparatively huge scale and that are vital materials for the production of perfume and taste compositions as a result of their particular sensory features, e.g., odor, style. It offers info on their homes, equipment hired of their manufacture, and their components of application.
'...The first-class and concise advent to this special is through vast info on approximately 500 of the main used body spray and taste compounds. Names, molecular formulation, actual information, scent and taste descriptions, makes use of, and a couple of procedures for the bigger scale creation of chemical substances are all incorporated. Successive chapters care for crucial oils, animal secretions, qc, toxicology and literature. The formulation, identify and CAS registry quantity index are a useful and well timed addition.' - Parfumer and Flavorist
'...Data that may often must be chosen from many alternative books are available one resource with this book...with over 800 citations in the course of the textual content, it is a approximately inexhaustible resource of information.' - Euromaterials

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In addition to the straight-chain saturated aldehydes, a number of branchedchain and unsaturated aliphatic aldehydes are important as fragrance and ¯avoring materials. The double unsaturated 2-trans-6-cis-nonadienal [557-48-2], `violet leaf aldehyde' (the dominant component of cucumber aroma), is one of the most potent fragrance and ¯avoring substances; it is, therefore, only used in very small amounts. 2-trans,4-trans-Decadienal [25152-84-5 ] with its speci®cally fatty odor character is indispensible in chicken meat ¯avor compositions.

4777, occurs in nearly all terpene-containing essential oils, frequently as an ester. Palmarosa oil contains 70 ±85% geraniol; geranium oils and rose oils also contain large quantities. Geraniol is a colorless liquid, with a ¯owery-roselike odor. 26 Single Fragrance and Flavor Compounds Since geraniol is an acyclic, doubly unsaturated alcohol, it can undergo a number of reactions, such as rearrangement and cyclization. Rearrangement in the presence of copper catalysts yields citronellal. In the presence of mineral acids, it cyclizes to form monocyclic terpene hydrocarbons, cyclogeraniol being obtained if the hydroxyl function is protected.

In ¯avor compositions, aliphatic esters are preferred for arti®cial fruit aromas; as in nature, acetates and ethyl esters prevail. , in capers. 462, with a dry acid note, found in the odor of strawberries. The acid can be prepared from the corresponding saturated one by -bromination followed by dehydrobromination. It is used in fragrances to enhance fruity notes and in strawberry ¯avors. FCT 2000 (38, suppl. 3) p. S151. Trade Name. Strawberri€ (IFF). 3598, occurs widely in fruits. It is a liquid with a slightly pungent, fruity, ethereal odor and is used in fruit ¯avors.

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