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By Olga Bogdashina

Supplying a theoretical origin for realizing verbal exchange and language impairments particular to autism, Olga Bogdashina explores the consequences of alternative perceptual and cognitive types at the communique and language improvement of autistic kids. She stresses the significance of selecting each one autistic individual's nonverbal language - which might be visible, tactile, kinaesthetic, auditory, olfactory or gustatory - in an effort to identify a shared technique of verbal communique. She deals a proof of why definite methods, for instance PECS, may well paintings with a few autistic teenagers yet no longer others. supplying genuine insights, the 'What they are saying' sections allow the reader to work out in the course of the eyes of autistic members and to appreciate their language adjustments first hand.

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For instance, Donna Williams, a woman with high-functioning autism, has become ‘bilingual’ in acquiring and becoming reasonably able to use both systems: In my case, I remember this transition from the system of sensing into the system of interpretation began to happen not in the first days or weeks of life as usual but at around three years old. It was not until around the age of ten that the system of interpretation (with much begrudgement) eventually came to be relied upon rather than merely put up with or tuned out.

I told John to leave. 2. I expected John to leave. 3. I persuaded John to leave. On the surface (surface structures) the sentences contain the same elements and structure: subject – I, object – John, predicate phrase – to leave. However, the meanings of the sentences (deep structures, reflected in the percept) are different. The surface structure is related to the phonetic and grammatical forms, while the deep structure is linked to the semantic interpretation and is not directly connected to the physical signal.

Gestalt perception There is much evidence that one of the problems many autistic people experience is their inability to distinguish between foreground and background stimuli (inability to filter foreground and background information). They often are unable to discriminate relevant and irrelevant stimuli. What is background to others may be equally foreground to them; they perceive everything without filtration or selection. This results in a paradoxical phenomenon: sensory information is received in infinite detail and holistically at the same time.

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