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By Wong, G.T.K.

This quantity represents an inductive, literary/rhetorical research of the publication of Judges within which attainable rhetorical hyperlinks connecting the book's 3 significant sections are tested intimately to teach that the e-book can have been a unified composition instead of a composite paintings as many think.

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The question for Judges, then, is whether the narratives in the book in fact demonstrate the kind of significant relationships with each other that justify their being read as an integrated whole in the first place. Unfortunately, this is a question that none of the four major synchronic works have directly addressed. 107 This belief, however, was never thoroughly justified. 109 As for Amit, while she concedes that the biblical text in general is formed out of a series of redaction over time,110 she nonetheless argues for the legitimacy of a unified, synchronic reading based on her theory that the successive redactors who worked on the text essentially followed the same central editorial line as their predecessors.

102 For a critical response to Andersson, see Wong, 2006b: forthcoming. 103 See, for example, Andersson, 43–49. 104 Contrary to the view of most synchronic scholars, Andersson (171–80) actually sees Samson being portrayed essentially as a hero. 105 Other than the negative evaluation of the Israelites by the narrator for their idolatry (2:11–13,19; 3:7,12; 4:1; 6:1; 8:33–34; 10:6; 13:1) and failure to show covenant loyalty to Gideon and his family (8:35), there is hardly any editorial evaluation of individual characters in the book.

13:13–19, there is little basis for it to be applied to fellowworshippers of YHWH. This may be why nearly all the war-related applications of the μrj by Israel recorded in Hebrew Scripture are against foreign, non-YHWHist enemies. 27 This is actually the only instance in Hebrew Scripture where μrj is explicitly said to be directed against fellow Israelites. 28 As Lohfink (1986:184) points out, the solemn oath (hlwdgh h[wbvh) in 21:5 is tantamount to a vow. After all, h[wbv is used synonymously and in parallel with rdn in Num.

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