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By Dominic Rudman

Qoheleth's determinism, its dating to loose will and its philosophical heritage facts its authorship by way of a third-century sage motivated through Stoic principles. Is the writer of Ecclesisastes a determinist? Many readers, from the Targumist and lbn Ezra as much as the current day, have proposal so. yet there was no systematic research of Qoheleth's determinism, its nature and quantity, its dating to unfastened will and its philosophical history. In separate chapters, Rudman discusses keyword phrases and texts that categorical a deterministic worldview, then explores the assets for Qoheleth's idea. He concludes that the writer used to be a sage writing within the 3rd zone of the 3rd century BCE, who used to be profoundly inspired through Stoic principles.

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25. Whybray, 'Preacher of Joy', p. 89. A similar view is suggested by Devine (Ecclesiastes, p. 56), arguing specifically against a full deterministic rendering. 2. 26 Jastrow reads similarly, stating that 'Koheleth's thought is, that everything is preordained and the time for its occurrence fixed. 1-8) which the deity forces them to do'? all happens when and how God wills, according to a world plan, comprehending all things which man can neither wholly understand, nor in any respect change... 1-8 and other parts of Ecclesiastes.

6). In Isa. 3 the context is of furthering one's affairs by fasting, in Isa. 13 it is used of business that breaks the sabbath, and in Prov. 13 of the business that the diligent wife pursues. 1 suggests that ]ET ^D1? and ysn ^D^ ]*i7 are parallel in meaning. Thus HU for Qoheleth would also have the meaning of 'appointed time'. 1 uses Xpovos for the MT's HJJ and Kcupos for the MT's |ET. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 11 it translates the MT's HS7. 1, the Vulgate translates the MT's flU with the noun 'spatium' ('period of time').

11. This assertion is influenced by the appearance of nin HI? in v. 12, a passage which is frequently interpreted thus. In this he follows Barton (Ecclesiastes, p. 164) and ultimately the Metzudath David. 11 is not alien to Qoheleth, it does not explain why those with a peculiar talent do not enjoy the reward thereof in life. Ginsberg's position is also adopted by A. Barucq (Ecclesiaste [Paris: Beauchesne, 1968], p. 163) and Murphy (Ecclesiastes, p. 94). 20. Murphy, Ecclesiastes, pp. 93-94. 40 Determinism in the Book of Ecclesiastes In this context, it is particularly striking that in none of the examples for the noun I7J1S or the verb I73S given above is the event which it denotes a random occurrence or meeting.

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