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By Aulikki Nahkola

A learn of the significance of variation kinds of outdated testomony narratives in prompting the advance of the feedback of the Bible. the popularity of the recurrence of reports in version kinds within the outdated testomony has been seminal to the delivery and improvement of biblical feedback. the writer assesses the function of the "double narrative phenomenon" within the evolution of outdated testomony technique, from its earliest documentary theories to its newest literary ones, with the aid of present literary, folklore and textual experiences.

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The king of Egypt was put instead (12:1 Off)" (1901:xlvi, ET 102). A similar development, Gunkel contends, can be traced in the Hagar stories, where ch. 16 represents the earlier version, but ch. 21 preserves some older features, such as Hagar's tribal identity (190:xlvi, ET 102). 63 Here, again, many of his conclusions are suggested by the study of variants. Gunkel regards the single oral story as the basic compositional unit in Genesis. Gradually, as several stories were attached to the same person or place, as people were "no longer satisfied to tell a single legend by itself' and "learnt to construct more considerable works of art", small clusters of stories, Sagencomplexe, developed, often involving the "splicing" of one legend and 61 The list of double narratives Gunkel recognizes is fairly long and ranging from the Creation and Flood narratives to Jacob's device for breeding sheep and the deception by which he gained Isaac's blessing (1901: lvi-lvii, ET 99-103), but does not add anything substantial to those already observed by Wellhausen and others.

E. of the group its creator belonged to, "the class of the popular narrator" (Gressmann 1991:13). In this group the Sage was transmitted by continual repetition, shaped and worked on, possibly with the result of having its beauty marred by "inept additions", until it became part of either the "Yahwist" or the "Elohist"72 (Gressmann 1991:13). On the other hand, Gressmann argues, from the Sage evolved a related, literary, genre: history writing (1991:13-4). The two genres differed in their subject matter,73 the length of the unit and the literacy of their composer74 (1991: Π Ι 5).

1. 27 Elaborate lists of words and phrases indicative of various sources were devised. 28 An explosion of additions, divisions and subdivisions of the documents ensued. 33 Eissfeldt, in his final summing up of the sources came close to a game of scrabble, presenting the composition of the Pentateuch as "L,J,E,B,D,H,P" (1965:239). 34 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 much of the literature in question adds nothing new to the understanding of the double narrative phenomenon itself. We will therefore focus only on the areas where some progress of thought or methodology can be found.

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