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By William I. Cohen, Lynn Nadel, Myra E. Madnick

Offering a entire survey of the scientific, academic, developmental, psychosocial, and transitional concerns proper to individuals with Down syndrome, this e-book addresses the wishes of relations, caregivers, and pros alike. Edited in organization with the nationwide Down Syndrome Society, this updated remedy accommodates the latest advancements relating sexuality, inclusion, transition into maturity, and laws, in addition to a dialogue of the Human Genome undertaking and the sequencing of chromosome 21.

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See also Griffin, C; Hammis, D. Streetwise Guide to Person-Centered Planning (1996); Griffin, C; Flaherty, M; Kriskovich, B; Shelley, R; Hammis, D; Katy, M. Bringing Home the Bacon: Inventive Self-Employment in rural America. Missoula: The Rural Institute (1999); Unger, D; Parent, W; Gibson, K; Kane-Johnston, K; Kregel, J. An Analysis of the Activities of the Employment Specialist in a Natural Support Approach To Supported Employment. (2000). com; Callahan, M. Common sense and quality: meaningful employment outcomes for persons with severe physical disabilities.

The plan is employer directed because the individual with a disability works for the employer, not a nonprofit service provider. The plan is signed by the employer and employee and details specific supports, who will provide them, how they will be provided, for what time period, and the estimated costs. The plan is reviewed weekly during the first month of employment and monthly thereafter. Changes are negotiated per discussion with employer and employee as well as support providers. 44 As defined by Wehman, Revel, and Kregel in An Analysis of the Activities of Employment Specialists in a Natural Support Approach to Supported Employment, individual support needs are considered to include any type of assistance required or desired that aids or facilitates participation in the community and workplace environment of his or her choice.

Many individuals with disabilities and families have relationships and loyalties in place that must be respected while this transition proceeds. R EAL A UTHORITY Whether the person is an independent contractor or works for an independent agency, this function has to carry some state, county, or publicly sanctioned authority if he/she is to adequately represent the person with a disability. Again, it should be clear that the person who carries out this function works for the person with a disability.

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