Download Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love by Kubrick, Stanley; Southern, Terry PDF

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By Kubrick, Stanley; Southern, Terry

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Shots ring out as the doorlock is destroyed, and the door to the office opens. Enter Bat Guano, brandishing an M-1 carbine. GUANO Put your hands over your head. MANDRAKE What the devil do you think you're doing, shooting your way in here? Who are you? GUANO I said, put your hands over your head. What kind of suit you call that, fellah? MANDRAKE What do you mean, suit? This happens to be an R. A. F. uniform, sir. And I am Group Captain Lionel Mandrake. I am General Ripper's Executive Officer. GUANO Where's General Ripper?

MANDRAKE Yes. does a double take Yes, well you may have... you may have quite a point there, Jack. RIPPER I don't know how well I could stand up under torture. MANDRAKE Well of course the answer to that is, boy, no one ever does. And my advice to you, Jack, is to give me the code now. And if those devils come back and try any rough stuff, we'll fight them together, boy, like we did just now, on the floor, eh? You with the old gun, and me with the belt and the ammo, feeding you, Jack! Feed me, you said, and I was feeding you, Jack.

Thirty-four planes, thirty recalls acknowledged, and four splashes, and one of them was targeted for Lapuda! MUFFLEY (into phone) Dimitri? Look, we've got an acknowledgement from every plane except the four you've shot down. (listens) Oh. Oh. He says... Hang on a second, Dimitri. (covers phone) He says their air staff now only claims three aircraft confirmed. The fourth may only be damaged. TURGIDSON Mr. President, I'm beginning to smell a big fat commie rat. I mean, supposing Kissov is lying about that fourth plane, just looking for an excuse to clobber us.

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