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By Victor K. McElheny

Drawing the Map of Life takes the tale of the Human Genome undertaking from its origins, throughout the race to its accomplishment, and directly to today’s massive efforts to take advantage of the entire, ordered series of the three billion subunits of DNA, the molecule of heredity. it's the first account to deal intensive and stability with the highbrow roots of the undertaking, the motivations that drove it, and the hype that frequently masked real triumphs. McElheny profiles key humans, resembling David Botstein, Eric Lander, Francis Collins, Watson, Michael Hunkapiller and Craig Venter. He additionally exhibits that, along with being a massive occasion within the heritage of technological know-how, person who is revolutionizing drugs, the Human Genome venture is a remarkable instance of the way new recommendations and tools (such as restrict enzymes and sequencing methods), usually arriving first, form the kind of questions scientists then ask.

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Lynn, it should be said, tries to stipulate carefully who should not be allowed to reproduce, rather than making a blanket accusation versus the lower classes. Charles Murray believes, as most of us do, that Americans in general deserve a valued place in society appreciated by relatives and associates. But the substance of frozen minds appears in Murray (cited by Lynn). He provides a table in which we are told that, Dysgenics and Eugenics 45 other things being equal, a loss of three IQ points over this generation will mean that the number of women chronically dependent on welfare will increase by 7%; illegitimacy by 8%; men interned in jail by 12%; and the number of permanent high school dropouts by nearly 15% (Herrnstein and Murray, 1994).

At the end of 5 years, it can be renewed. Who knows what science will do in inventing a safe contraceptive that could render all women (or men) temporarily infertile from puberty? What might motivate the “inoculation” of all children against pregnancy? This is unpredictable but the falling age of puberty is a possibility. If the 11-year-old children of the middle classes come home pregnant or having fathered a child, that might be an incentive. Ideally, all children would be inoculated just as they are against childhood diseases.

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