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By Eric S. Christianson

Over the centuries, Ecclesiastes has encouraged a few diversified parts of existence and notion. Ecclesiastes throughout the Centuries assesses the attention-grabbing results of the ebook at the tradition of some of the instances in faith, paintings, and social suggestion.

  • Explores a desirable diversity of Jewish and Christian readings
  • Features attractive and weird examples from paintings, tune, literature and background: from Thackeray and Orwell, to Salvador Dali’s Illustrated Bible, to the inflammatory exposition of Ecclesiastes on the funeral of Queen Mary
  • This is the 3rd previous testomony quantity released within the leading edge Blackwell Bible Commentaries sequence
  • The sequence is supported through an internet site at

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Commenting on 5:17; 2005: 233–4) The contribution of Bonaventure’s literal approach was long-standing and far-reaching and managed to tackle the problems posed by Qoheleth in a more direct fashion than its predecessors (cf. Smalley 1952: 298). Indeed, Bonaventure’s commentary ‘was a brilliant summary of traditional teaching, yet also utilized the most recent developments in exegetical techniques’ (Monti 1979: 84). Monti notes that some ‘indication of its wide diffusion may be gathered from the forty-two extant manuscripts spread throughout Europe which contain this postill’ (1979: 83).

Found an eloquent voice, and the spiritual insights by which the seers of Israel had tried to illumine the age-long problem of evil faced derisive denial. Harry Emerson Fosdick, A Guide to Understanding the Bible, 1938 (in Fosdick 1965: 181) Ecclesiastes was struck by the fact that time and again, according to his experience, it is as if man lives in an ethically indifferent universe. Ecclesiastes believed that there was a God who had creative and boundless power, but that He often did not wish to intervene in human history at the appropriate time, or if He did 16 Testimonia intervene, it was usually too little, too late.

It seems that readers naturally come around to the desire to anthologize the interpretive enterprise, perhaps to better understand their own place in its ‘scheme’. It will suffice here to highlight a few significant instances. 650), which collected six early Christian commentaries on Ecclesiastes, and which shared some of the interpretive concerns of Jewish midrash (itself not unlike a catena; see Hirshman 1958). 1100), representing patristic and early medieval exegesis on the entire Vulgate Bible (and in the case of Ecclesiastes, heavily dependent on Jerome’s commentary).

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