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8 V drop. Calculate the power wasted in the cable. 7. 5 kW, 240 V Calculate the current it takes from (a) a 240 V supply (b) a 220 V supply. 8. 5 A and causes a voltage drop of 115 V. Determine the power wasted in the resistor. 9. 5 kW, 250 V heater. 10. Calculate the current taken by four 750 W lamps connected in parallel to a 230 V main. 53 Malestrom Electrical Installation Calculations: Basic 11. 5 V drop when a current of 55 A is flowing. Calculate the power wasted at the joint. 12. Two lamps, each with a rating of 100 W at 240 V, are connected in series to a 230 V supply.

00139 . 47 Malestrom Electrical Installation Calculations: Basic 16. c. load current of 28 A is to be supplied from a point 30 m away. Determine a suitable cross-sectional area for the copper cable in order that the voltage drop may be limited to 6 V. 17. 5 mm2 (b) 6 mm2 (c) 10 mm2 (d) 35 mm2 (e) 50 mm2 18. 618 . Find by the method of proportion the resistance of (a) 250 m, (b) 180 m, (c) 550 m. 19. 28 . 5 mm2 . 20. 1 Plot a graph to show the relationship between resistance and length (length horizontally, resistance vertically) and read from the graph the resistance of a 380 m length of the cable.

5 mm steel angle and ‘pop’ riveting. Its dimensions are to be 259 mm × 220 mm × 660 mm length. Establish the area of sheet steel, 19 Malestrom Electrical Installation Calculations: Basic length of steel angle and the approximate number of rivets required, assuming rivets at 60 mm spacing. 11. 25 m in diameter. Calculate the length of wire in the coil. 12. 5 10 25 Nominal cross-sectional area of conductor (mm2 ) 13. 0 14. 5 mm: (a) 16 mm (b) 25 mm (c) 32 mm 15. 5 75 × 50 16 mm2 25 mm2 50 mm2 75 × 75 16.

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