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By Anne Fitzpatrick-Mckinley

Old close to jap empires, together with Assyria, Babylon and Persia, usually accredited neighborhood rulers to stay in strength. the jobs of the indigenous elites mirrored within the Nehemiah Memoir may be in comparison to these encountered somewhere else. Nehemiah was once an imperial appointee, most likely of a military/administrative historical past, whose challenge used to be to set up a birta in Jerusalem, thereby proscribing the facility of neighborhood elites. As a devoted servant of Persia, Nehemiah dropped at his challenge a specific amount of ethnic/cultic colouring obvious in convinced facets of his actions in Jerusalem, particularly in his use of Mosaic authority (but now not of particular Mosaic laws). Nehemiah appealed to historical Jerusalemite traditions that allows you to dispose of competition to him from strong neighborhood elite networks.

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38 The degree of harshness of the response to rebels may well have depended on the problems which the empire faced in a given region at a particular time. 39 Gallagher observes how the neo-Assyrians frequently and indigenous elites were broken but it is striking that on a number of occasions, the rebellious king is replaced by a member of his own family (for examples see, ANET, 286 and see also ANET, 285 = Annalistic Reports, 23–57 and for the eventual replacement of a member of the royal family after further disruptions see ANET, 285 = Annalistic Reports, 11–15).

Nehemiah 3:7ff. 49 Imperial Rule and Opportunities for Indigenous Elites If from the imperial side, the continuation of rule by indigenous elites was beneficial, in so far as it sustained and potentially expanded the established economy, (including in particular trade which was rooted in long-established personal relationships and networks), what were the benefits to the indigenous elites? How was it in their interest to co-operate with imperial appointees in their districts and beyond? 50 Frequently local rulers and kings availed of the opportunity brought about by a new imperial presence to sort out ongoing localised problems.

166, 215–26). The Zenon Papyri of the later Ptolemaic period indicate that the Ptolemies introduced new crops and agricultural tools to Syria-Palestine (P. Cairo Zenon II 59162). S. Kloppenborg, The Tenants in the Vineyard (Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2006), 284–86. The Ptolemaic period, however, likely saw more radical changes in landownership than the preceding periods of imperial rule. 94 An extreme example of the results of opportunities which opened up for indigenous elites within this system can be seen in the transformation of the poor pastoral tribes of the Zagros into powerful chiefdoms as a result of Assyrian rule (M.

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