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By Rosolino Buccheri, Avshalom C Elitzur, Metod Saniga

"Endophysics, Time, Quantum and the Subjective" is the 1st systematic move- and trans-disciplinary appraisal of the endophysical paradigm and its attainable position in our realizing of Nature. targeting 3 of the main urgent problems with modern technological know-how, the translation of quantum thought, the character of time, and the matter of recognition, it presents the reader with a few leading edge examine, techniques and ideas in those components, resembling incessant great Bang, geometrizing of "mental space-times," and a contextual view of quantum mechanics and/or a view of the Universe as a self-evolving quantum automaton. even though basically aimed toward teachers, this attractive quantity might be learn via someone attracted to glossy physics, philosophy, psychology and cognitive sciences.

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Read or Download Endophysics, Time, Quantum And the Subjective: Proceedings of the ZIF Interdisciplinary Research Workshop, 17-22 January 2005, Bielefeld, Germany PDF

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The concept has been largely discussed in the 1980’s but soon left out in view of the practical difficulties arisen [34,35]. We want to stress that the process of increasing knowledge in terms of a subjective-objective-subjective loop, closely connected with the features of our individual subjectivity, is a main characteristic of the endophysical viewpoint. Our MMoR’s are always the result of this subjective-objectivesubjective loop and our theories reflect our continuous interaction with the other individuals and with nature.

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