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Conserving produce safe--from the farm to the fork As future health- and quality-conscious shoppers more and more search out clean fruit and greens, members within the meals provide chain--growers, shippers, processors, and retailers--must be ever better in safeguarding their items and maintaining shoppers.

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29 Softness (a) and elasticity (b) of bread baked from frozen dough after 7 weeks of frozen storage at — 18°C. After baking the bread was stored at 24°C and measured after 1,3 and 6 days. Volume was controlled. 5 FXU units of xylanase. 3 Enzymes for Asian noodles and non-durum pasta [44] The application of a fungal lipase in pasta or noodle production could improve product quality. This section reviews some of the positive effects of lipase on the quality characteristics of pasta or noodles, such as colour, colour stability, biting quality, stickiness and cooking tolerance.

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When alpha-amylase, xylanase, and lipase were used together, the overall scores were further improved. The dough exhibited notably good stability against over-fermentation, resulting in significantly better baguettes. 16 shows that on addition of xylanase, loaf volume is slightly improved. Using a xylanase in combination with fungal alpha-amylase, the volume is further increased; it also improves the crumb structure, so the cell walls are thinner and the crumb is silkier. 15 The synergistic effect of enzymes for the French baguette.

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