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By Richard Swinburne

Richard Swinburne bargains an unique remedy of a question on the center of epistemology: what makes a trust rational, or justified in retaining? He maps the rival bills of philosophers on epistemic justification ("internalist" and "externalist"), arguing that they're quite debts of alternative suggestions. He distinguishes among synchronic justification (justification at a time) and diachronic justification (synchronic justification as a result of enough investigation)--both internalist and externalist. He additionally argues that the majority varieties of justification are worthy having simply because they're indicative of fact; besides the fact that, it's only justification of internalist varieties which may consultant a believer's activities. Swinburne is going directly to express the usefulness of the chance calculus in elucidating how empirical facts makes ideals most likely precise.

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So it is not plausible to suppose that sensations by themselves could provide any adequate grounding for beliefs. We need other beliefs as well. And in any case many of our memory beliefs have no sensations at all to back them up. I may remember that I have been told by someone or read somewhere that there is no greatest prime number without having any images of the page on which I read it or of the sound of someone's voice saying so. The second possibility is justification in a circle. My belief that B is justified by my belief that C, my belief that C by my belief that D...

22 There is an ambiguity here in the literature. Some writers write of 'doxastic foundationalism' as the view that (some or all) basic beliefs form the justificatory foundations of our belief-systems, while allowing that what gives them that status might be the 'conditions' or 'circumstances' in which they occur. (As was the view of Plantinga in 'Reason and Belief in God', pp. 76-7. ) If these 1. Theories of Synchronic Justification 27 in order justifiably to believe that you are now telling me that you are going to go to London.

Or—to take a more complicated example—to believe that Tony Blair is the Prime Minister is to believe that there is someone about whom I have certain other beliefs (for example, that he is forty-something, has four children, has a degree in law, is addressed as 'Tony', and so on; or is the person about whom others are talking when they use the name 'Tony Blair') who is the Prime Minister; and for those other beliefs to be true of the actual Tony Blair. 4 But clearly, if there is no Tony Blair, I cannot have a belief about him, and certain things have to be true of an individual in order for that individual to be Tony Blair.

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