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By Johan F. Hoorn

Providing a brand new conception of fiction, this paintings stories the confusion approximately perceived realism, metaphor, digital worlds and the likely noticeable contrast among what's precise and what's fake. the increase of recent media, new know-how, and artistic services and products calls for a brand new exam of what ‘real’ pals are, to what quantity medical novelty is ‘true’, and no matter if on-line content material is in simple terms ‘figurative’. during this transdisciplinary conception the writer evaluates cognitive theories, philosophical dialogue, and subject matters in biology and physics, and locations those within the frameworks of machine technology and literary conception. The curiosity of the reader is always challenged on issues of fact, fiction, and the shakiness of our trust structures.

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Resting on a series of impressive studies in the 1970s and 80s, Rosch and her team concluded that people do not rely so much on abstract definitions of categories but rather on a match between what they observe and an entity (object, event, experience) that best represents a certain category. ’ Rosch (1999/1978, pp. 190–191) provides a layout of categorization that also applies to the division between fiction and reality. She proposes two principles, that of cognitive economy and that of perceived world structure.

185). If the rods and cones of the human eye are overexerted, they need a rest to recuperate. When the cells are exhausted, we actually perceive the contrast color. Pounding a drum is nothing but constantly turning sound on or off. Hearing sounds only works because the tiny hammer bone ticks on our eardrum: on-off, on-off. On a completely different level, the degree to which people are satisfied about their lives surely depends on positive experiences but in contrast to the negative experiences (Cheng, 2006).

Some physicists believe this situation might signal a radical change in scientific research and that some theories might not be testable! There might also be a solution in slightly adapting the special theory of relativity (which concerns the speed of light) while leaving the general theory of relativity and quantum theory intact. ) of time. Avenues that are being explored to solve the quantum-relativity problem are to make quantum theory background independent, to take causality as the primary fundament while using twistor theory (where events are primary and their relations secondary), to use non-commutative geometry (AB ≠ BA), or apply so called Loop Quantum Gravity, where fields are described as lines, and space and time are a consequence of putting together quantum theory and general relativity on that basis.

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