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By Rick Copeland

Crucial SQLAlchemy introduces a high-level open-source code library that makes it more uncomplicated for Python programmers to entry relational databases akin to Oracle, DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite. SQLAlchemy has turn into more and more renowned considering that its unlock, however it nonetheless lacks strong offline documentation. This functional publication fills the distance, and since a developer wrote it, you get an aim examine SQLAlchemy's instruments instead of an advocate's description of all of the "cool" features.

SQLAlchemy comprises either a database server-independent SQL expression language and an object-relational mapper (ORM) that permits you to map "plain previous Python objects" (POPOs) to database tables with no considerably altering your latest Python code. crucial SQLAlchemy demonstrates tips on how to use the library to create an easy database software, walks you thru easy queries, and explains how one can use SQLAlchemy to connect with a number of databases concurrently with an identical Metadata. you furthermore may learn the way to:

* Create customized kinds for use on your schema, and whilst it's beneficial to take advantage of customized instead of integrated types
* Run queries, updates, and deletes with SQLAlchemy's SQL expression language
* construct an item mapper with SQLAlchemy, and comprehend the variations among this and energetic checklist styles utilized in different ORMs
* Create gadgets, store them to a consultation, and flush them to the database
* Use SQLAlchemy to version item orientated inheritance
* offer a declarative, energetic list trend to be used with SQLAlchemy utilizing the Elixir extension
* Use the SQLSoup extension to supply an automated metadata and item version in keeping with database reflection

In addition, you'll learn the way and whilst to take advantage of different extensions to SQLAlchemy, together with AssociationProxy, OrderingList, and more.

Essential SQLAlchemy is the much-needed consultant for each Python developer utilizing this code library. rather than a feature-by-feature documentation, this publication takes an "essentials" method that provides you precisely what you want to develop into effective with SQLAlchemy immediately.

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Dppl6++lnk`f]jck*_ki+beha)iapdk`o+ CHAPTER 2 ฀ D JA N G O I S P Y T H O N Iterables An object is considered iterable if passing it to the built-in epan$% returns an iterator. epan$% is often called implicitly, as in a bkn loop. All lists, tuples and dictionaries are iterable, and any new-style class can be made iterable by defining the following method. __iter__(self) This method is called implicitly by epan$% and is responsible for returning an iterator that Python can use to retrieve items from the object.

The possibilities aren’t limited to the options outlined in this book, so feel free to look around for Python utilities that will help support your business plan, and use the techniques listed in this book to integrate them into your application. Though learning Python is beyond the scope of this book, Django uses some of its advanced features. In this chapter, I’ll discuss many of those features to help you understand how Python can contribute to the goal of making things easier for everyone. How Python Builds Classes Some of the most advanced Python techniques that Django relies on are related to how Python constructs its classes.

__len__(self) With all the values available, sequences have a specific length, which can be determined using the built-in haj$% function. Behind the scenes, haj$% checks to see if the object it’s given has a [[haj[[$% method and uses that to get the length of the sequence. To accomplish this, [[haj[[$% should return an integer containing the number of items in the sequence. Technically, [[haj[[$% doesn’t require that all the values be known in advance, as long as it’s at least known how many values there will be.

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