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By Saul Patai

Chapter 1 Synthesis of crown ethers and analogues (pages 1–57): Dale A. Laidler and J. Fraser Stoddart
Chapter 2 Crown ethers–complexes and selectivity (pages 59–156): Fritz Vogtle and Edwin Weber
Chapter three natural alterations mediated by means of macrocyclic multidentate ligands (pages 157–174): Charles L. Liotta
Chapter four Geometry of the ether, sulphide and hydroxyl teams and structural chemistry of macrocyclic and non?cyclic polyether compounds (pages 175–214): Israel Goldberg
Chapter five Stereodynamics of alcohols, ethers, thio ethers and comparable compounds (pages 215–278): C. Hackett Bushweller and Michael H. Gianni
Chapter 6 Chiroptical houses of alcohols, ethers, thio ethers and disulphides (pages 279–298): G. Gottarelli and B. Samori
Chapter 7 The mass spectra of ethers and sulphides (pages 299–325): Christian C. Van De Sande
Chapter eight The electrochemistry of ethers, hydroxyl teams and their sulphur analogues (pages 327–350): Tatsuya Shono
Chapter nine digital constructions and thermochemistry of phenols (pages 351–377): Jean Royer, man Bertholon, Robert Perrin, Roger Lamartine and Monique Perrin
Chapter 10 Syntheses and makes use of of isotopically labelled ethers and sulphides (pages 379–448): Mieczyslaw Zielinski
Chapter eleven Gas?phase thermal decompositions of straightforward alcohols, thiols and sulphides (pages 449–468): R. L. Failes, J. S. Shapiro and V. R. Stimson
Chapter 12 Oxidation and aid of alcohols and ethers (pages 469–538): Paul Muller
Chapter thirteen Oxidation and aid of sulphides (pages 539–608): Eric Block

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