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By A. J. Taylor, D S Mottram

This quantity includes the 86 lectures, posters and workshop displays made on the eighth Weurman Flavour learn Symposium. those are frequently study papers and are divided into seven topic parts reflecting the most important divisions of style technology.

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Protecting produce safe--from the farm to the fork As future health- and quality-conscious shoppers more and more search out clean fruit and greens, contributors within the foodstuff offer chain--growers, shippers, processors, and retailers--must be ever more desirable in safeguarding their items and maintaining shoppers.

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So it was possible to assign the SH-fimction to 42 Flavour Science: Recent Developments position 1. 2 From our own investigations we have been able to verify the proposed structure. The occurrence of thiodiosphenol (16) in buchu leaf oil is a new finding. The mass spectral data of (16) are shown in Table 1 . -butylsilyl-ycyclodextrin in OV-1701 (column 1) as a chiral stationary phase. The stereodifferentiation of the isolated compound from buchu leaf oil indicated a racemic mixture, which is probably due to isomerisation under acidic conditions.

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