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By Alexander Nützenadel, Frank Trentmann

Foodstuff has a distinct value within the increasing box of world background. foodstuff markets have been the 1st to develop into globally built-in, linking far away cultures of the realm, and in no different quarter have the interactions among international trade and native cultural practices been as reported as in altering nutrients cultures. during this wide-ranging and interesting ebook, the authors offer an ancient assessment of the connection among foodstuff and globalization within the glossy global.

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Tharu still carefully guard in public the social distinctions that set them symbolically above lower castes, and in relation to higher castes. But buffalo meat is food for the castes below them, so eating it makes it a provocative case. For the Tharu, eating buffalo is to appear downwardly mobile. Moving up – so-called ‘sanskritization’ – by the Tharu would involve eating less meat, not more. At the same time, the Tharu continue to find the eating of beef totally out of the question, such that the ongoing change we do see is neither random nor wholesale.

They made studies of fishing, hunting and gleaning, of horticulture, and of pastoralism, particularly in societies of the sort once called ‘primitive’. Most of the societies they studied were small, in numbers and in area, and their economies mostly (though not altogether) self-contained, and largely explicable in terms of themselves. 8 From the outset, anthropologists studied the diversity of foods and the organization of their production, just as they did the specific character of each such food system.

So prosaic and everyday, and yet so vital, food is among the most powerful of all social indices of difference and identity. Certainly true for the societies that preceded the rise of a global food economy, this is still true today. Hence the ongoing standardization and mass production of foods world-wide, and the aggregate pressures to disseminate those foods to all corners of the globe in impersonal, routinized ways, can easily be read as a dangerous attack, intended or not, upon local and cultural distinctiveness.

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