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By Ulla Liukkunen, Yifeng Chen

This quantity gathers jointly chapters that deal with the topic of enforcing primary labour rights in China. It explores the criminal framework in addition to key associations and different actors besides the socio-economic context curious about interpretation, implementation, enforcement and total promoting of basic labour rights in China. As a set of chapters, it assembles comparative and collectively complementary views and insights by way of exclusive students from China, Europe and the us. With its huge point of view on implementation, the publication discusses the main topical demanding situations to understanding basic labour rights in China.

China used to be one of the founding contributors of the ILO. With the regulatory strategy of the ILO, primary labour rights have won a brand new foothold as a key pillar in handling the social measurement of globalization. the advance of basic labour rights defense in China may be seen as a part of a bigger improvement inside of China’s family monetary and social transition in addition to its integration into the worldwide economy. whereas China has ratified 4 of the 8 ILO middle conventions, the problem of potent implementation and enforcement within the household context is still. With its in-depth examine on primary labour rights within the specific cultural context of the chinese language adventure, this ebook reports chinese language labour legislations from a number of views, even as reading the broader function of foreign labour criteria in constructing chinese language legislations and society.

This quantity is a impressive expansion of current scholarship on foreign labour criteria, at the one hand, and basic labour rights in China at the different. those chapters completely examine the felony and institutional framework for enforcing labour legislations in China. one of the issues lined are basic labour rights together with freedom from compelled labour, prohibition of use of kid labour and non-discrimination. furthermore, this quantity advantages from socio-historical observations at the cultural logics that tell implementation of basic labour rights in China during which the background and present improvement of chinese language labour legislation are both mirrored with sizeable depth.

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Looking back to the period immediately after the Russian revolution of 1917, one finds, for example, highly critical observations from the first Director of the ILO, Albert Thomas, when he questioned71: Has Bolshevism, which exercises a powerful fascination for the masses, shown itself capable of doing anything more than organising a Jacobin dictatorship on the one hand, and of causing discontent and poverty on the other? To what constructive work can it point? Has it really secured for men, women and children the hours, wages and hygiene conditions provided for in the labour charter, or even the conditions of life which the traditions of labour legislation promise to the world?

Then followed ratification of the Right of Association (Agriculture) Convention No. 11, 1921, and the Equality of Treatment (Accident Compensation) Convention No. 19, 1925, in April 1934, together with the Weekly Rest (Industry) Convention No. 14, 1921, only weeks later. At the end of November 1935 the Protection against Accidents (Dockers) Convention (Revised) No. 32, 1932, was ratified, paving the way for a further group of six Conventions to be ratified on 2 December 1936. This important “volume” step involved the Minimum Age (Sea) Convention No.

Circular on Adjusting Wages for Certain Type of Workers] ഭ࣑䲒‫ޣ‬Ҿ䈳ᮤ䜘࠶ᐕӪ ઼ᐕ֌Ӫઈᐕ䍴Ⲵ䙊⸕ (guó wù yuàn guān yú tiǎo zhěng bù fèn gōng rén hé gōng zuò rén yuán gōng zī de tōng zhī), 1971, and measures such as the [Circular on Wage Levels for Demobilized Soldiers with Higher Education Degrees] ഭᇦ䇑ࡂငઈՊࣣࣘተ‫ޣ‬Ҿ༽ઈ䘰ԽߋӪѝⲴབྷу 䲒ṑᆖ⭏ᐕ䍴ᖵ䙷Ⲵ䙊⸕ (guó jiā jì huà wěi yuán huì láo dòng jú guān yú fù yuán tuì wǔ jūn rén zhōng de dà zhuān yuàn xiào xué shēng gōng zī dài yù de tōng zhī), 1975. , [Provisions on the Qualifying Period of Seniority and Wage Issues relating to AntiRevolutionary or Other ‘Bad’ Individuals who have been indentified in the Counter AntiRevolutionary Movement] ‫ޣ‬Ҿ༴⨶ഭᇦᵪ‫ޣ‬ǃԱъǃᆖṑ൘㚳৽䘀ࣘѝḕࠪⲴ৽䶙ભ࠶ᆀ ઼ަԆൿ࠶ᆀⲴᐕ喴઼ᐕ䍴䰞仈Ⲵ㿴ᇊ (guān yú chǔ lǐ guó jiā jī guān, qǐ yè, xué xiào zài sù fǎn yùn dòng zhōng chá chū de fǎn gé mìng fèn zǐ hé qí tā huài fèn zǐ de gōng líng hé gōng zī wèn tí de guī dìng), 1957, as well as [Opinion as to whether the Children of Capitalist Bourgeois are Eligible to Replace their Parent when they Retire or are on Long-Term Absence] ࣣࣘ䜘ǃѝཞᐕ ୶㹼᭯㇑⨶ተ‫ޣ‬Ҿ䍴ӗ䱦㓗ᐕ୶ъ㘵䘰Ձᡆ䈧䮯‫ٷ‬ਾਟ੖⭡ᆀྣ亦ᴯᐕ֌Ⲵ᜿㿱 (láo dòng bù, zhōng yāng gōng shāng xíng zhèng guǎn lǐ jú guān yú zī chǎn jiē jí gōng shāng yè zhě tuì xiū huò qǐng cháng jià hòu kě fǒu yóu zǐ nǚ dǐng tì gōng zuò de yì jiàn), 1963.

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