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By Atle Naess, J. Anderson

His biography of Galileo gained the Brage Award for most sensible Norwegian non-fiction e-book in 2001

The Norwegian variation has offered approximately 6000 copies

Biographies as a style are very popular


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A trained and skilled musician has a “metronomic” feel for the length of the sub-divided beat. But neither the finger-board bands nor the rhythmic song were completely satisfactory. The bands disturbed the evenness of the ball’s rolling movement, and singing was undeniably somewhat impracticable and imprecise. Galileo worked at getting the groove that the balls ran in as smooth and even as humanly possible. Then he also had the idea of measuring time with a sort of water clock – by simply allowing water to flow from one container, through a thin pipe and into another.

The marriage was yet another dynastic triumph for the Medici family. The bride, the Austrian Archduchess Maria Maddalena, was the sister of Ferdinand of Habsburg, later to become Emperor Ferdinand II. The celebrations for this wedding exceeded anything that even Florence had become accustomed to. The river Arno was turned into a “stage”, with tribunes along its banks. On it was performed a piece about Jason and the hunt for the golden fleece, complete with giant dolphins, menacing lobsters and a fire-spewing Hydra.

One basic difficulty in analysing the relationship between distance and time for rolling balls, he discovered, was that their speed altered the whole time. He had therefore surmounted the false conclusion from the Pisan period, that any falling (or rolling) body will eventually achieve a constant velocity. (In practical free fall experiments in air, increasing air resistance will eventually slow the object down so much that its speed after a certain time will become roughly constant. ) The very concept of “velocity” itself was not easy to grasp.

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