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By Francis A. Schaeffer

Genesis is a publication of origins--the beginning of the universe, the starting place of existence and the beginning of guy. It areas guy in his cosmic environment, exhibits his specific uniquness, explains his ask yourself and his flaw, and starts to track the movement of human historical past via area and time. Many at the present time, although, view this publication as a suite of myths, helpful for knowing the Hebrew brain, possibly, yet under no circumstances a list of what quite occurred. Dr. Francis A. Schaeffer demanding situations that view and exhibits how the 1st 11 chapters of Genesis stand as a great, space-time foundation for answering the harsh questions posed via glossy guy.

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Descent is indicated in men as in animals as the descent or offspring of the male. Why is it different here? Is it possible that this way of speaking already cast a shadow of the Virgin Birth? Does it suggest that when the Messiah was born, he would be the seed of the woman and that in his conception there would be no male seed? Another implication of Genesis 3:15 is indicated in Hebrews 2:14. " Here is an indication that Jesus fulfilled the promise in Genesis 3:15, for it is the Messiah who is to be bruised, and yet, in the bruising, destroy the power of death and the devil.

The first thing we notice here is that Adam and Eve immediately begin to try to pass the guilt from themselves to another, and we have, therefore, the division which is at the very heart of man's relationship with man from this point on. The human race is divided-man against man. We do not have to wait for modern psychologists to talk about alienation. Here it is. Man is alienated from his wife-the wife from her husband-as they turn against each other, especially at the points of blame and guilt.

One Bible, the Breeches Bible of 1608, got its name from the way it translated this word. But whatever an apron is, it is something one puts around himself. The significance is that Adam and Eve were brought to a realization of what they had done. They began to feel afraid and to feel guilt-and well they might, for their guilt feelings were rooted in true guilt. When a man has sinned against God, he not only has guilt feelings, he has true guilt; and he has true guilt even if he does not have feelings of guilt.

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