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By Matthias Krings, Onookome Okome

Global Nollywood considers this primary actually African cinema past its Nigerian origins. In 15 full of life essays, this quantity strains the engagement of the Nigerian video movie with the African continent and the remainder of the realm. subject matters comparable to Nollywood as a theoretical build, the improvement of a brand new, severe movie language, and Nollywood’s transformation outdoors of Nigeria exhibit the wider implications of this movie shape because it travels and develops. Highlighting controversies surrounding commodification, globalization, and the advance of the movie on a much wider scale, this quantity offers sustained awareness to Nollywood as a uniquely African cultural production.

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Although the official statistics help to provide a general idea of the industry’s tendencies, they are not completely reliable. In the early years of the Censors Board, only a very small percentage of video production passed through censorship. This explains the small number of films censored in 1994 (only three) at a time when the industry was already burgeoning. Even today, many films go straight to market without passing through the official channels. However, the Censors Board statistics are the only official figures in existence, and it is useful to consult them as a general reference.

One of these “original” pirated copies ended up in the hands of some other entrepreneur, presumably Senegalese, who pirated it once again and put it on the market in Naples. This was the version I finally bought. As this example shows, the informal and pirate circulation of Nigerian videos excluded original producers from enjoying the benefits of Nollywood’s transnational success. Each stage of the circulation process, in fact, implied a partial reinvention or rebranding of the product, cutting the connection with its original producer.

South Africa). 1980. Living in Bondage. Dir. Chris Obi Rapu. NEK Video Links (Nigeria). 1992. Meet You in Hell. Dir. Amayo Uzo-Philips. N. N. (Nigeria). 2005. Nollywood Abroad: A Nigerian Movie Mak- er in Europe. Dir. Saartje Geerts. Associate Directors (Belgium). 2008. Nollywood Babylon. Dir. Ben Addelman and Samir Mallal. A M Pictures (Canada). 2009. Osuofia in London, 1 and 2. Dir. Kingsley Ogoro. Kingsley Ogoro Productions (Nigeria). 2003, 2004. Peace Mission. Dir. Dorothee Wenner. Women Make Movies (Germany and the United States).

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