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By C. Bondy, D. LeRoith

This sequence presents quite a few assorted discussions on issues in the box of progress elements and cytokines in future health and disorder.

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The term "primary gene products" is used here to differentiate these GH forms from the posttranslationally modified variants (see below)]. , 1987; Sinha 1987). , 1989). , 1990). Instead, another type of alternative splicing gives rise to a product that retains intron D and, in addition, contains a frameshift (Cooke et al, 1988). Its product, called hGH-V2, is a 230 amino acid protein whose carboxy-terminal half completely diverges from GH. , 1992). 30 GERHARD BAUMANN Two other alternative hGH gene transcripts have been described, but the corresponding proteins remain to be convincingly demonstrated.

Moats-Staats, B. , Hynes, M. , Simmons, J. , D'Ercole, A. , & Van Wyk, J. J. (1986). Somatomedin-C/insulin-like growth factor I and insulin-like growth factor II mRNAs in rat fetal and adult tissues. J. Biol. Chem. 261, 14539-14544. Lund, P. , Hoyt, E. C, & Van Wyk, J. J. (1989). The size heterogeneity of rat insulin-like growth factor I mRNAs is due primarily to differences in the length of 3'-untranslated sequence. Mol. Endocrinol. 3, 2054-2061. MacDonald, R. , Pfeffer, S. , Tepper, M. , Brocklebank, C.

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