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By Silver RavenWolf

Witches’ hats and harvest moonGhosts that dance to haunted tuneApples, chocolates, foodstuff galoreHalloween has this and extra! simply the place did the fall gaiety commence? permit Silver RavenWolf advisor you thru the cobwebby corners of time to discover the historical past at the back of Halloween. Honor the spirit of this hallowed harvest vacation with: Halloween magick: Prosperity Pumpkin Spell, Corn Husk Dolly, Solitary Harvest Moon RitualMagickal chocolates: Candied Love Apples, Witches’ Brew, Sugar Snakes in Graveyard DustHalloween myths and superstitions: black cats, scarecrows, pitchforks, witches, ghosts, and haintsDivination: Circle of Ashes and Stones, Magick Mirrors, Apple, Pumpkin Seed, and Water DivinationRituals to Honor the lifeless: The Dumb Supper, Samhain fireplace, Soul lighting fixtures, Spirit Rattles and Spirit Bowls      

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The wonderful appositeness of every feature of the scene to each other was again impressed upon me; art and nature being blended in such manner as to enrich the harmony. That garden-like plain so artistically dotted with flowers and shrubs would have been half-voided of its beauty had that noble structure not been there; and as for the hall, it needed that flower bejewelled mantle of a lawn as a fit setting whereon to display its matchless perfection. Blended together the beauties of each were emphasised, while the movements of the multitude kept the balance of the harmony swinging.

Neither was it due entirely to my recent arrival, for I perceived that it had the same effect upon my guide as upon myself. By some accountable process I translated the voice of those bells into an appeal for help and assistance which I alone had the power to render, and though I had no inclination to hasten in obedience to call, I was certain that it would not be right to delay. But why should it be me? was a question that I put to myself again and again. I was entirely ignorant of everything surrounding me, why was not the summons to many others walking in the same direction - gathering, as it were, from every visible point of the compass?

The carvings were the work of sculptors who wore the rich mantle of perfect inspiration, a solitary thread of which had fired the ideality of Phideas and Angelo. Egypt may righteously have gloried in the magnificence of her hundred-gated Thebes; been proud of the unrivalled luxuries which found their home in the princely Memphis; extolled the unequalled perfumes compounded in the royal Zoan, but in her greatest glory she had never caught a glimpse of such palaces as these. The gardens of old Babylon were forgotten in the contemplation of such horticultural attainments; the statues of Apollo, Venus and.

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