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By Keith Steinkraus

This paintings deals entire, authoritative assurance of present details on indigenous fermented meals of the realm, classifying fermentation in keeping with kind. This version offers either new and extended info at the antiquity and position of fermented meals in human lifestyles, fermentations concerning an alkaline response, tempe and meat substitutes, amazake and kombucha, and more.;College or college bookstores could order 5 or extra copies at a distinct scholar rate that is on hand on request from Marcel Dekker, Inc.

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2 in 8 days of fermentation. About half the starch (8 g/L) is hydrolyzed. Malaysian Pickles (Merican, 1977a) Description Pickles, known locally as jeruk, are a homemade fermented product indigenous to the many races in Malaysia. Several types are prepared every day by most households, including quick pickles eaten as is, and acar, a cooked, spiced, mixed pickle preparation. The most common fruit and vegetable pickles are made by simple brining, which results in a lactic acid bacterial fermentation.

There are backyard industries that prepare pickles for sale in retail stores and open markets. The commercial products may be bottled, packed in flexible plastic pouches, or sold in bulk. Production figures are not available. Since production lags behind demand, a considerable quantity is imported. Pickled leafy vegetables are imported from China and Taiwan; cucumbers and mixed pickles are imported from Australia and the West. 50 51 Although pickles are well accepted by all communities, consumption, varies tremendously among individuals.

For example, Tongbaechu-kimchi and Bossam-kimchi are based on Korean cabbage; Kakduggi, Dongchimi, Chonggak-kimchi, Seokbakji, Yeolmu-kimchi, and Mootsanji are based on Korean radish; and Oisobaegi and Oiji are based on cucumber. Patterns of Production and Consumption Most kimchi is prepared at the household level and consumed directly while limited amounts (561,000 cans in 1974) of cabbage-based kimchi are canned in factories and sold in the market. 1 million tons in 1974 (Korean Yearbook of Agriculture, 1975).

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