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By David Loy

This assortment displays the confluence of 2 modern advancements: the Buddhist-Christian discussion and the deconstruction idea of Jacques Derrida. The 5 essays either discover and reveal the connection among postmodernism and Buddhist-Christian concept. The releasing and therapeutic capability of de-essentialized suggestions and photographs, language, our bodies and emblems are printed all through. integrated are essays via Roger Corless, David Loy, Philippa Berry, Morny pleasure, and Robert Magliola.

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Caputo says that Eckhart "understands quit e well that the term s 'Being' and 'Nothing ' are functions o f each other, that each is inscribed i n the other , marked an d traced by the other , and that neither get s the job done, alone or together" (p . 31). Well put, yet Eckhart, like Dogen, plays with synta x and semantic s not just to tease out ever new senses, not just to see how man y meanings he can make dance on the head of a pin, but to develop som e special types of expression, particularly those which can help u s t o se e through th e dualit y between ourselve s an d God .

Like Beethoven and the Romantic tradition that followed him, Hui-nen g forged a path that others explored more fully, i n this case by developin g the Ch'a n tradition... I s ther e anyon e comparabl e t o Hui-nen g an d Dogen in Christianity? He i s a master o f life an d a master of the lette r who play s with th e synta x and semantic s of the scriptural text s and th e texts of the masters before hi m in order t o teas e out o f them eve r new senses . H e i s a master o f repetition who kne w wel l tha t hi s commentary was no t t o be a simple reproductio n 21 Thi s apparent paradox is a crucial point, yet explaining it and defendin g it would shift th e focu s o f thi s essay .

Language and symbol s circumscribe; but, as living forces, the y ar e dynamic enough t o open up, constantl y re-expressing, renewing, an d casting-off , so as t o unfol d ne w horizon s o f thei r ow n life . I n thi s wa y languag e an d symbols kno w n o limit s with respec t t o how fa r the y ca n penetrate bot h conceptually an d symbolically . No Buddhis t thinker wa s mor e intensel y and meticulousl y involved with the exploration of each and every linguisti c possibility o f Buddhis t concept s an d symbols—eve n thos e forgotten , displaced ones—tha n Doge n wh o endeavore d t o appropriat e the m i n th e dynamic workings of the Way's realization.

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