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By Robb Andrew Young

The Judean monarch Hezekiah continues to be essentially the most major figures in religious study. For all of his greatness, despite the fact that, there's little approximately him that could be acknowledged with simple task. This examine offers a close reexamination of this enterprising ruler. It commences with facts open air the biblical textual content from Assyrian documents and old close to jap archaeology that could be dropped at endure in reconstructing the old Hezekiah, and consequently proceeds to reinforce this photograph in accordance with his portrayal within the books of Kings, First Isaiah, and Chronicles. Its concentration is on these concerns that both stay contentious in biblical scholarship, in any other case were resolved right into a common consensus that should be referred to as into query.

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Relationship to Ataliah An intriguing suggestion has been put forward regarding another potential relative of Hezekiah, based on the find of a royal tomb in the northwest palace at Nimrud (ancient Calaḫ). Of the two female bodies discovered in a single stone sarcophagus there, the lady designated Ataliah—according to inscriptions on the grave goods buried with the body—has been viewed as the mother of Sennacherib. If the name Ataliah is West Semitic and contains the Yahwistic theophoric ending, according to this proposal, then she may have been part of a diplomatic marriage to Judah and thus related to Hezekiah.

There is no express evidence for either view. 6 See further Galil, Chronology of the Kings of Israel and Judah, 100–101, who notes no less than seven chronological data violated by placing Hezekiah’s coronation in 715. The possibility of a co-regency has been a popular middle position. Under this proposal, the notice in 2 Kgs 18:13 is accommodated by synchronizing it with Hezekiah’s sole reign, whereas the numerical data in vv 1, 9–10 refer to a co-regency with his father Ahaz. Such proponents include Owen C.

Akšud ) and to have carried off its inhabitants. This boast is made several times throughout his inscriptions, lending weight to his claim. 21 Yet this assertion is not without problems, Inscriptions from Assyria and Babylonia Relating to Ancient Israel (Jerusalem: Carta, 2008) 96–97. The Khorsabad Annals. Text: Andreas Fuchs, Die Inschriften Sargons II. aus Khorsabad (Göttingen: Cuvillier, 1994) 82–188, esp. 87–89; trans. 293–94; Cogan, Raging Torrent, 93–96. The Great Summary Inscription (Prunkinschrift).

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