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By Anand Raghunathan, Niraj K. Jha, Sujit Dey

High-Level energy research and Optimization offers a entire description of energy research and optimization strategies on the better (architecture and behaviour) degrees of the layout hierarchy, that are usually the degrees that yield the main energy reductions. This e-book describes strength estimation and optimization thoughts to be used in the course of high-level (behavioral synthesis), in addition to for designs expressed on the register-transfer or structure point.
High-Level strength research and Optimization surveys the cutting-edge learn at the following subject matters: energy estimation/macromodeling options for architecture-level designs, high-level strength administration thoughts, and high-level synthesis optimizations for low energy.
High-Level energy research and Optimization can be very priceless examining for college students, researchers, designers, layout technique builders, and EDA instrument builders who're attracted to low-power VLSI layout or high-level layout methodologies.

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The area of a logic block can be used as an approximate measure of its aggregate physical capacitance. The area of a circuit can itself be estimated, from its functional description, using the total entropy at its outputs, Ho, when random sequences are applied at its inputs [72, 73]. Ho as n ....... 7) The above model may yield significant overestimates in area for large values of n due to the exponential dependence on n. A more accurate high-level area estimation procedure was presented in [74], based on the use of a metric called average cube complexity, which is the average literal count of the prime implicants of the function, in addition to entropy.

1 (b). This leads to a charging current that results in CL getting charged to Vdd. Vid' of which half is stored in the capacitor and the other half is dissipated in the pMOS transistor and interconnect. 1 (c). 1. Vdd Vdd Vdd (a) (b) (e) 19 Illustration of capacitive switching power: (a) CMOS inverter, (b) equivalent circuit for charging the output load capacitor, and (c) equivalent circuit for discharging the output load capacitor capacitor and the nMOS transistor, that results in the capacitor ultimately getting completely discharged.

T---I---t- --..... 1. 1. The chip is assumed to be of dimension D t x D t . Suppose that the width of the leaves of the clock tree is the minimum wire width Wmin, and that the width of the wires is reduced by a factor of two at each branching point. 1 is annotated with its length and width in terms of the chip dimension and minimum wire width, respectively (the dimensions of all segments at the same level are identical). 1. Cint = 20 . 3) where Cint is the capacitance of a minimum-width wire per unit length.

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