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By Rudolf Steiner

During this vintage account of the Western esoteric course of initiation, Steiner leads the coed from the cultivation of reverence and internal tranquility to the improvement of internal lifestyles during the levels of practise, illumination, and initiation. sensible routines in internal and outer statement and ethical improvement are defined.

By patiently and repeatedly following those feedback, new "organs" of soul and spirit start to shape, revealing the contours of upper worlds that have been hid from us. the following, Rudolf Steiner is accessible as instructor, counselor, and buddy. His recommendation is functional, transparent, and robust

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Then we think: “What I now visualize in my imagination, forces of earth and light will later in reality draw forth from this small seed. ” If we can clearly form this thought and bring it to life within us, then we will be able to form the next thought easily and with the right feeling: “Within the seed already lies concealed what—as the force of the whole plant—later grows out of it. The artificial copy of the seed has no such force. Yet, to my eyes, both seeds look the same. ” 4 4. To object here that a microscopic examination would reveal the differences between the real seed and the artificial copy is to admit that one has not understood what is at issue here.

Of course, one cannot succeed in achieving such a transcendent perspective toward whatever experience destiny daily brings us—nor is it necessary to do so. However, as students of the spiritual life, we must strive to develop this attitude toward events that occurred in the past. The value of such inner, peace-filled self-contemplation depends less upon what one contemplates and more upon finding the inner strength that such inner calm develops. 22. For all human beings, in addition to what we may call the ordinary, everyday self, also bear within themselves a higher self or higher human being.

Obviously, the above-mentioned colors represent only the main tones of the mineral, animal, and plant kingdoms; in reality all possible intermediary hues exist. Each stone, plant, and animal has its own particular color nuance. To this picture must be added the beings of the higher worlds that never incarnate physically; their colors can be magnificent, but sometimes they are horrible. On the whole, the range of color in the higher worlds is immeasurably greater than in the physical world. 12. Once we achieve the capacity of seeing with “spiritual eyes,” we sooner or later meet the higher beings mentioned above, as well as sometimes also those beings, lower than we, who never enter our physical reality.

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