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By Terry R. Clark

This publication examines a variety of rhetorical ways that the motif of Yahweh’s Kingship features within the publication of Ezekiel and explores what those arguments give a contribution to our realizing of the prophetic booklet as a complete. It concludes that the executive objective for such rhetoric is to reinforce and/or rebuild Yahweh’s recognition one of the Judean exiles in Babylon with a view to inspire them to prevent assimilation and to maintain their designated religion and id because the humans of Israel. The booklet presents an outline of the rhetoric of the bigger Ezekiel corpus, an exam of the old and ideological context of the Babylonian exile, a dialogue of the strategy of rhetorical research hired the following, and an in depth exegesis of texts within which the motif of Yahweh’s kingship is such a lot in demand. on the subject of this vital motif, correct sub-themes corresponding to paradise and the underworld, divine presence and lack, and the exodus also are explored.

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25 with separate, short oracles against Ammon (vv. 1–7), Moab (vv. 8–11), Edom (vv. 12–14), and Philistia (vv. 15–17). Each nation is charged with a specific abuse that apparently was committed following Israel’s misfortune at the hands of Babylon in 597 or 586 BCE. Each nation is a foreign power that was, unlike Babylon, not designated by Yahweh as an instrument of punishment for Israel. But each either took advantage of (Edom and Philistia) or rejoiced over (Ammon and Moab) Israel’s misfortunes at the hands of Babylon.

Since Yahweh is ultimately the source of Israel’s punishment, and must withdraw his protective presence from the temple before a foreign power may defile it, his sovereignty over Israel is affirmed. To recognize that Yahweh is the just cause behind Israel’s present woes is to begin the work of rebuilding the divine ethos, and should lead one to begin aligning oneself with Ezekiel’s rhetorical perspective. This also highlights how Chs. 1–24 contribute to the overarching epideictic purpose of the larger prophetic book.

Deliberative rhetoric encourages the audience to take some specific, observable course of action in response to the speaker’s urging. Epideictic rhetoric encourages the audience to adhere to a particular set of values. (Ch. 3) Historical, Ideological, & Rhetorical Context — This step provides a discussion of the ideological ramifications of the exile that comprise the general rhetorical situation of the Book of Ezekiel. This discussion will be done in full recognition of the fact that, while helpful for identifying the general setting for the rhetoric of Ezekiel, ultimately the primary resource for understanding Ezekiel’s argument and the crisis for which it is designed to respond is the text itself.

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