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By Stephen Wolfram

This booklet of completely enticing essays from one among brand new so much prodigious innovators presents a uniquely own point of view at the lives and achievements of a range of fascinating figures from the historical past of technological know-how and expertise. Weaving jointly his immersive curiosity in humans and historical past with insights amassed from his personal reviews, Stephen Wolfram offers an ennobling examine a number of the members whose rules and creations have assisted in shaping our global this day. From his reminiscences approximately operating with Richard Feynman to his insights approximately how Alan Turing's paintings has unleashed generations of innovation to the genuine function of Ada Lovelace within the heritage of computing, Wolfram takes the reader into the minds and lives of serious thinkers and creators of the prior few centuries and exhibits how nice achievements can come up from dramatically various personalities and existence trajectories.



Richard Feynman

Kurt Gödel

Alan Turing

John von Neumann

George Boole

Ada Lovelace

Gottfried Leibniz

Benoit Mandelbrot

Steve Jobs

Marvin Minsky

Russell Towle

Bertrand Russell

Alfred Whitehead

Richard Crandall

Srinivasa Ramanujan

Solomon Golomb

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I wondered why. So I asked around, and started hearing that perhaps Turing had invented codes that were still being used. ) I’m not sure where I next encountered Alan Turing. Probably it was when I decided to learn all I could about computer science—and saw all sorts of mentions of “Turing machines”. But I have a distinct memory from around 1979 of going to the library and finding a little book about Alan Turing written by his mother, Sara Turing. And gradually I built up quite a picture of Alan Turing and his work.

He was quite concerned about it. ” He said, “Yes, everyone thinks I’m a great speaker. ” And in fact, sometimes it was those throwaway conference talks that have ended up being some of Feynman’s most popular pieces. On nanotechnology. Or foundations of quantum theory. Or other things. You know, Feynman spent most of his life working on prominent current problems in physics. But he was a confident problem solver. And occasionally he would venture outside, bringing his “one can solve any problem just by thinking about it” attitude with him.

Sometimes that story helps illuminate the abstract idea. But more often, it instead gives us insight about how to turn some human situation or practical issue into something intellectual—and perhaps something that will live on, abstractly, long after the person who created it is gone. This book is the first time I’ve systematically collected what I’ve written about people. I’ve written more generally about history in a few other places—for example in the hundred pages or so of detailed historical notes at the back of my 2002 book A New Kind of Science.

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