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Dynamics of generalizations of the AGM continued fraction of Ramanujan: divergence

We research numerous generalizaions of the AGM persisted fraction of Ramanujan encouraged by means of a chain of contemporary articles during which the validity of the AGM relation and the area of convergence of the continuing fraction have been made up our minds for sure advanced parameters [2, three, 4]. A learn of the AGM persisted fraction is resembling an research of the convergence of sure distinction equations and the steadiness of dynamical platforms.

Generalized Functions, Vol 4, Applications of Harmonic Analysis

Generalized services, quantity four: purposes of Harmonic research is dedicated to 2 normal topics-developments within the thought of linear topological areas and building of harmonic research in n-dimensional Euclidean and infinite-dimensional areas. This quantity in particular discusses the bilinear functionals on countably normed areas, Hilbert-Schmidt operators, and spectral research of operators in rigged Hilbert areas.

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They are compact, low cost, continuously radiating at high constancy, independent on surrounding conditions and do not need any power supply. These advantages originated many engineering applications in XRF devices, in particular in portable instruments. The major problem is their radiation hazard potential leading to very stringent safety conditions making these sources quite unpopular now. But they are still irreplaceable in many industrial applications. In radioactive radiation sources the decay products are used for direct excitation of the studied samples.

Huang TC, Fung A, White RL, Recent measurements of long wavelength X-rays using synthetic multilayers. X-ray Spectrom 18, 53–56 (1989) 53. Martins E, Urch DS, Problems in use of multilayers for soft X-ray spectroscopy and analysis: A comparison of theoretically and experimentally determined refraction effects. Adv X-ray Anal 35, 1069–1078 (1992) 54. Huang TC, Thin film characterization by X-ray fluorescence. X-ray Spectrom 20, 29–33 (1991) 55. Arai T, An X-ray fluorescent spectrometer for the measurement of thin layered materials on silicon wafers.

Anal Chem 33, 589–592 (1961) 88. Bain EC, Functions of the alloying elements in steel, U S Steel Corporations, Pittsburgh PA, USA (1945) 89. Iwasaki K, Hiyoshi K, XRF analysis of bronze castings after recasting. Bunseki Kagaku 37, 152–156 (1988) [in Japanese] 90. Arai T, Quantitative determination of lead in lead-free cutting steels. 1 Introduction N. Langhoff and A. 2 MeV) overlapping to some extent the region of γ-rays (Fig. 1). Electromagnetic radiation above 1 MeV generated by nuclear processes is usually called γ-radiation while the radiation below 80 nm wavelength, generated by electrons slowed down in the outer field of an atomic nucleus or by changes of bound states of electrons in the electronic shell of an atom, is called x-radiation.

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