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By Julia Bendul

The booklet specializes in the context of social and political keitsdiskussion sustainability and the starting to be problems in street freight with the query of ways rail prone should be essentially built-in into the worth community of business and advertisement organisations. the mixing of the cloth and data flows to the massive variety of legally self reliant actors is the focus.​

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163; Lambert et al. (2001), p. 12. See publications considering the operations scheduling dilemma. , Nyhuis et al. (2008), pp. 4; Pfohl (2010), pp. 33. Such as Pfohl (2010), pp. 33. 4 Vulnerability of Integrated SC Concepts The cross-company integration of material and information flow processes is the basis of SC actors meeting customer demand, but it also causes vulnerability and mutual dependencies. As shown in the previous section, product availability is one key element for customer orientation.

2 32 sequences for upstream and downstream SC actors caused by one company. These secondary failures and disruptions of material flow processes for downstream actors are defined as 'vulnerability'. Such a situation requires flexible reactions and fast adaptations by all SC actors. To avoid growing storage volume, the production and procurement processes of all suppliers and sub-suppliers as well as distribution processes are to be suspended. The specific transport processes must remain available.

Election, advanced training, hospitalisation and incentive systems). 110 According to Cooper et al. (1997), the technical and organisational management components encompass management components regarding the I&C flow facility structure, workflow and activity structure, organisational structure, planning and control methods and product flow facility structures. Furthermore, definitions of architecture and components of I&C systems as well as on the material flow systems are considered. Figure 2 - 4 shows these considerations and illustrates allocating the management components into two main categories.

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