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By Eliane Kurbegov

Grasp French grammar via hands-on routines and perform, perform, practice!

Practice Makes ideal: Intermediate French Grammar is helping you're taking your grammar talents to the next point and offers you the arrogance to talk and writein your new language. This workbook leads you thru French grammar utilizing concise, easy-to-understand language, conserving you centered on reaching your aim of overall fluency.

Practice Makes excellent: Intermediate French Grammar is packed with:
* instance sentences that illustrate and make clear every one grammatical point
* 1000s of workouts in codecs fitted to your studying style
* useful and high-frequency French vocabulary

Master those difficult subjects:
* Prepositions and prepositional phrases
* Idiomatic makes use of of abnormal verbs
* detrimental and interrogative structures
* Imparfait and passe compose
* The subjunctive mood
* Relative pronouns

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Extra resources for Intermediate French Grammar (Practice Makes Perfect)

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In front of me, there is a map. 9. On the map, we can see all the countries. 10. For me, this is a very interesting class. Geographical prepositions à, de, en Several prepositions are used to express in, to, or from a geographical place. If the place is a city or town, use à to express in or to the city, and use de to express from or of the city. Le prince Albert habite à Monaco. Prince Albert lives in Monaco. Nous allons à Montréal cet été. Mon copain vient d’Ottawa. Je ne sais pas qui est le maire d’Ottawa.

In the following sentence, the verb is followed by a prepositional phrase jusqu’à huit heures. The verb dormir is an intransitive verb, which does not admit a direct object. Gigi dort jusqu’à huit heures. Gigi sleeps until eight o’clock. In the following sentence, the verb is followed by a direct object: le bébé. The verb endormir is a transitive verb, which admits a direct object. Gigi endort le bébé en lui chantant une berceuse. Gigi puts the baby to sleep by singing him a lullaby. Note this special intransitive use of the verb servir: À quoi sert ce truc?

Tu ne me surprends jamais. mettre mets mets met mettons mettez mettent prendre prends prends prend prenons prenez prennent Do you know my friend David? I know the city of Strasbourg. We recognize this café. I put on my coat. The teachers do not allow us to listen to our portables. Do you promise me to come? We have to postpone the party to next Sunday. My friends take the bus. I am learning French easily. You never surprise me. Verbs like lire, dire, and écrire These verbs have similar patterns of conjugation and other verbs that belong to their respective family.

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