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By Bettelheim F.A. et al.

Учебник по химии.

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They expand to fill whatever container they are put into. On the other hand, they are highly compressible and can be forced into small containers. Liquids also have no definite shape, but they do have a definite volume that remains the same when they are poured from one container to another. Liquids are only slightly compressible. Solids have definite shapes and definite volumes. They are essentially incompressible. Whether a substance is a gas, a liquid, or a solid depends on its temperature and pressure.

5 What Is a Handy Way to Convert from One Unit to Another? method, we follow the rule that when multiplying numbers, we also multiply units and when dividing numbers, we also divide units. For conversions between one unit and another, it is always possible to set up two fractions, called conversion factors. Suppose we wish to convert the weight of an object from 381 grams to pounds. We are converting the units, but we are not changing the object itself. We want a ratio that reflects the change in units.

9 How Do We Describe Heat and the Ways in Which It Is Transferred? com/owl to view tutorials and simulations, develop problem-solving skills, and complete online homework assigned by your professor. Chapter 1 Matter, Energy, and Measurement Courtesy of the National Library of Medicine Medical practice over time. (a) A woman being bled by a leech on her left forearm; a bottle of leeches is on the table. From a 1639 woodcut. (b) Modern surgery in a well-equipped operating room. Photo by Bob Riha, Jr.

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