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By B. M. Harwani

Creation to Python Programming and constructing GUI functions with PyQT 1E» teaches Python programming step by step via useful examples that readers can see in motion right now. It starts with a fantastic advent of Python from scratch, masking loops, keep an eye on constructions, sequences, features, sessions, and exception dealing with. Thereafter, the publication explores dossier dealing with and GUI software improvement in PyQT, the strong cross-platform GUI structure and types builder that permits programmers to quickly layout and construct widgets and dialogs. The booklet finishes with an advent to Django, an easy-to-use platform for constructing net purposes in Python. it is a nice ebook for amateur programmers drawn to studying Python.

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Pro Python System Administration

As time is going on, procedure directors are offered with more and more complex demanding situations. within the early days, a group of engineers may need needed to take care of one or platforms. nowadays, one engineer can administer countless numbers or millions of systems.

System directors are progressively exchanging their instruments with extra complex and versatile ones. one of many offerings is Python. Structurally, Python is a contemporary, high-level language with a truly fresh syntax. Python comes with many integrated libraries that may make automation projects more straightforward. It additionally has vast set of third-party libraries and a really lively improvement group. this adaptability makes Python a sensible choice for a large choice of initiatives, from prototyping technological know-how functions to procedure upkeep and management jobs.
* This e-book explains and indicates easy methods to practice Python scripting in perform. in contrast to nearly all of the Python books, it is going to aid you process and unravel real-world concerns that almost all approach directors will come upon of their careers.
* during this ebook, you can find numerous tasks within the different types of community management, internet server management, and tracking and database administration. In each one undertaking, we are going to outline the matter, layout the answer, and plow through the extra fascinating implementation steps.
* every one venture is observed with the resource code of an absolutely operating prototype, which you’ll be capable of use instantly or adapt in your necessities and surroundings.
<h3>What you’ll learn</h3> * resolve real-world method management difficulties utilizing Python.
* deal with units with SNMP and cleaning soap.
* construct a allotted tracking procedure.
* deal with internet purposes and parse advanced log records.
* instantly visual display unit and deal with MySQL databases.
<h3>Who this publication is for</h3>
This ebook is essentially aimed toward skilled method directors whose daily initiatives contain taking care of and dealing with small-to-medium-sized server estates. it is going to even be invaluable for method directors who are looking to examine extra approximately automation and wish to use their Python wisdom to unravel a variety of approach management problems.

Python builders also will take advantage of examining this ebook, particularly in the event that they are fascinated with constructing automation and administration tools.

This e-book assumes that readers already use Python and are happy with the language. many of the Linux distributions include Python and diverse libraries (such as Django, PIL and SciPy) packaged and on hand, yet simple wisdom of putting in applications in a Linux/Unix surroundings is advised.
<h3>Table of Contents</h3>
<ol> *  Reading and accumulating functionality info utilizing SNMP1 
* handling units utilizing the cleaning soap API  
* making a internet software for IP handle Accountancy   
* Integrating the IP tackle program with DHCP 
* protecting an inventory of digital Hosts in an Apache Configuration File   
* accumulating and providing Statistical info from Apache Log Files  
* acting advanced Searches and Reporting on software Log Files   
* a website Availability cost Script for Nagios  
* administration and tracking Subsystem  
* distant tracking Agents 
* information accumulating and Reporting   
* computerized MySQL Database functionality Tuning  
* utilizing Amazon EC2/S3 as a knowledge Warehouse resolution

Python Hacking Essentials

This publication isn't really for pro hackers. as an alternative, this publication is made for newcomers who've programming adventure and have an interest in hacking. right here, hacking strategies that may be simply understood were defined. in the event you merely have a house computer, you could try all of the examples supplied the following. i've got incorporated many figures which are intuitively comprehensible instead of a litany of causes.

Twisted Network Programming Essentials

I purchased this booklet simply because i used to be having hassle making experience out of the Twisted online documentation. i am relatively a publication man, besides, and felt i wanted "The booklet" for Twisted. while the 1st web page identical of "Hello international" blows up on Python 2. 6 as a result of a few vague deprecation factor, you recognize you're in for genuine difficulties.

A Byte of Python

‘A Byte of Python’ is a unfastened ebook on programming utilizing the Python language. It serves as an academic or consultant to the Python language for a newbie viewers. If all you recognize approximately desktops is easy methods to retailer textual content documents, then this is often the booklet for you. This booklet is written for the most recent Python three, even supposing Python 2 is the widely chanced on model of Python at the present time (read extra approximately it in Python 2 as opposed to three section).

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Printing For printing messages and results of computations, the print()function is used with the following syntax, print(["message"][variable list]) where messageis the text string enclosed either in single or double quotes. ") print (10) print (l) print ("Length is ",l) You can display a text message, constant values, and variable’s values through the printstatement, as shown in the preceding examples. After printing the desired message/value, the print()function also prints the new-line character, meaning the cursor moves onto the next line after displaying the required message/value.

4. Addition of two complex numbers. Note The complex numbers are displayed enclosed in parentheses (). When writing programs, you come across a situation where you want to execute a block statement out of the two blocks. That is, you need to control flow of the program and execute a block statement out of available choices, depending on the prevalent conditions. Let’s see how to make decisions in Python. elsestatement. elsestatement decides which block of statements to execute on the basis of the logical expression included.

The formula is pi*r2. The rin the formula refers to radius, and its value will be supplied by the user. 54 Bitwise Operations Every numerical that is entered in a computer is internally represented in the form of binary digits. For instance, the decimal value 25 is internally represented in the form of binary digits as 11001. The bitwise operators operate on these binary digits to give desired results. Note The shifting and bitwise operators can only be applied to integers and long integers. Considering xand yas two operands, following are the shifting and bitwise operators: x << y(binary shift left): Returns xwith the bits shifted to the left by yplaces.

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