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By Scott B. Noegel

Noegel right here examines circumstances of Janus parallelism within the Hebrew Bible with specific recognition to the publication of activity, and with excursuses at the equipment in different old close to Esatern literatures. the writer reveals the punning machine quintessential to the booklet of activity, serving a referential functionality. in the context of discussion and debate, the polysemous statements resemble a poetry contest one of the contributors (Job, his acquaintances, and Elihu). The e-book additionally treats the connection among wordplay and knowledge literature; polysemy as preserved within the Greek, Aramaic, Latin, and Syriac translations; and the influence of Janus parallelism on textual feedback and the harmony of the booklet of activity.

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2. Yet, as noted by H. Heater, A Septuagint Translation Technique in the Book of Job (Washington, DC: Catholic Biblical Association, 1982), p. 65, there is no parallel with the previous line as the LXX ignores mPO] 1D~11 "12JK 1331?. 3. M. Orlinsky, 'Studies in the Septuagint of the Book of Job: Chapter III (Continued)', HUCA 32 (1961), p. 250 n. 59. 4. From ^0; DISO, p. 101; M. Jastrow, A Dictionary of the Targumim, the Talmud Babli and Yerushalmi, and the Midrashic Literature (New York: Judaica Press, 1989), p.

Here the word mpn means both 'thread' and 'hope'. 1? , in line 7, stand as a parallel expression of Job's failing hope. Cementing the connection is the fact that 310 appears in conjunction with mpn in two other places: Prov. 15. Moreover, mpn is used with the root n«1 also in Prov. 12 and Ezek. 5. 6-7, therefore, is an oral, visual, and symmetrical Janus parallel. 1. Driver, Job, I, p. 67; Dhorme, Le Livre de Job, p. 95; Guillaume, Studies in the Book of Job, p. 25. 2. Heater, A Septuagint Translation Technique in the Book of Job,p.

23; Num. 34; Deut. 4; 1 Sam. 14; 2 Chron. 24, 26, 37; Neh. 29; Ps. 15; Jer. 35; Lam. 8; Ezek. 12; and Dan. 16, binds the parallel relationship between IflE? and the next stich even closer. Moreover, 21$ also occurs with }"i#, as it does here, in Gen. 16; 2 Sam. 12; Ps. 38; Jer. 3; Lam. 14; Ezek. 9; Dan. 13, 16; Hos. 2, 3; Mic. 19; and Mai. 6. 22-23 is an oral and visual symmetrical polysemous parallel of the semantic type. The LXX uses the first person singular future active of the root 8(8coui in combination with the noun dviaxcoKpiow.

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